Adventures in Personal Growth & Inner Transformation

Ep 9: Eastern Spirituality Travels West

The story of how yoga and meditation became so widely accepted in the US dates back to 125 years. Phil Goldberg who chronicled the impact of India’s spiritual teachings, in his best selling book, American Veda, discusses the core milestones that brought Vedic teachings to its current prominence in the West.  

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Ep 8: Social Emotional Learning

A cutting-edge public middle school in Freeport, NY has integrated yogic breathing techniques into their curriculum to help students and faculty enhance social-emotional learning, boost grades, curb disciplinary problems with remarkable results.

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Ep 7: Elevating Humanity Through Business

A founder and leader of the fast growing global Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj Sisodia shares a new and a novel way to approach business in the 21st century. He’s joined by Sharleen Ernster, founder of Hot as Hell and Erik Oberholtzer, founder of Tender Greens to discuss the benefits that can be derived when organizations...

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Ep 6: We’re All A Little Crazy

During a successful career as the chief revenue officer for the Florida Panthers, Eric Kussin’s mental health took a rapid decline that led to numerous visits to psychiatrists and even Electroconvulsive therapy, which left him almost permanently in bed with severe cognitive deficits. Eric finally had a remarkable recovery after seeing an integrative pyschotherapist who...

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Ep 5: Golden Nectar

Ghee or clarified butter is referred to as the ‘golden nectar’ because of its potent gut nourishing and health promoting properties. This healthy fat can even be helpful for patients with high cholesterol. Sandeep Agarwal, whose family has been making and selling ghee for 5 generations, founded Pure Indian Foods to preserve his family’s tradition...

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Ep 4: The Yoga of Recovery

Three lives beset by crime, addiction and obesity are transformed into lives of purpose and meaning. Vytas Baskauskas, Amy Lee McMohan and Tom Duffy share how the ancient healing practices of Yoga and Meditation helped them overcome their addictive and self-sabotaging behavior patterns and adopt a life dedicated to helping and serving others.

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