Adventures in Personal Growth & Inner Transformation

Ep 4: The Yoga of Recovery

Three lives beset by crime, addiction and obesity are transformed into lives of purpose and meaning. Vytas Baskauskas, Amy Lee McMohan and Tom Duffy share how the ancient healing practices of Yoga and Meditation helped them overcome their addictive and self-sabotaging behavior patterns and adopt a life dedicated to helping and serving others.

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Ep 3: Ayurveda 101

Thousands of years before modern medicine, the sages of ancient India developed Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems. Dr. Marc Halpern, president of the California College for Ayurveda and Dr. Smita Naram, a renowned Ayurvedic physician share how you can understand your unique body type, specific dietary and lifestyle needs and a simple...

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Ep 2: Letting Go

Best selling authors Mike and Robin Maestro are leading experts on Vastu, the science of environmental harmony and well being. They share their insights about the magnetic forces of nature, its impact on our mind and body and their personal encounter with Vastu and the art of letting go.

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Ep 1: Wounds to the Soul

Iraq war veteran Tom Voss and director Michael Collins speak about the documentary Almost Sunrise which features Tom and his friend Anthony walking 2700 miles across the US as a way to heal combat experiences that haunt them in a civil life. Along the way they raise awareness of the phenomenon of moral injury and...

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